Netlift is a mobile app that lets you share the ride on your home-to-work commute.

Need an incentive? Netlift pays your downtown parking every month - and will for as long as you ride! (Conditions apply)

If you don't have a parking space, we'll find you that rare gem of a spot located as close as possible to your destination.

For you lucky ones who do already have a parking space, Netlift will refund your monthly payment to you.

Just fill out the form and a member of the Netlift team will contact you.

Become a Netlift carpooler and we'll pay your parking every month!

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A member of the Netlift team will contact you to explain

 the terms.

Fill out the form at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

Install Netlift on your phone, using the same email as the one you specify on the form.

We will reimburse your monthly parking payment for as long as you carpool. Money may in no cases be exchanged with the passenger.

It's entirely legal. Approved by the Gouvernement du Québec and the Montreal authorities.

We prefer carpoolers who have a regular Monday to Friday schedule.

Our carpoolers are not employees. They are citizens who want to share their ride.

Everything is centralized in the Netlift app (pairing up carpoolers with passengers and their routes).

Our carpoolers are certified. The procedure is simple. The Netlift team is here to guide you.

Why choose Netlift?

We're ready to welcome you to our big family.

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Thousands of people are Netlift members.